Words words words

I am so helpless like this. I need words.

My brain is locked. Where is the key? I think maybe smiling is the key.

Frowning makes it harder.

But I am frowning because all my words are locked up.

It’s not the fault of writing in English. My words are just as hard to access in Dutch.

In person I would probably not say anything.

It’s why they say autistic people are stupid. No words. They’re wrong. This is not stupid. It is disability.

Reading words makes it easier to find words. I am using your words to find my own.

7 thoughts on “Words words words

  1. It’s why they used to call deaf people “deaf and dumb.” It’s why my grandpa said I acted like a “dummy” sometimes. Nope. As said in “Children of a Lesser God”, only stupid hearing people think deaf people are stupid. Likewise, only stupid allistic people think that autistic people are stupid.

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