Playing with pictures

So I’ve finally gotten around to creating some header images to liven up the place.

Some flowers I bought last Wednesday to celebrate one week of not smoking. I edited the photo quite heavily in GIMP to get the vibrancy of the colours, because apparently my camera hates vibrant colours and makes everything look washed out. The flowers are really that beautiful shade of orange/red. Although of course a lot depends on your monitor as well.

Picture I took some time ago, cracked safety glass. You can’t really see it here but when it’s in the header, you can see small colour refractions especially on the right hand side. Plus I like the spidery pattern.

Spices! Well, I love to cook, especially Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. I really like the textures and colours in this picture, I wish you could also smell it!

A close-up of my bookshelves, one of many many bookshelves. I have a bit of a book problem. But who cares. These are pretty close in height and all paperbacks and I loved the progression of colours so that was a nice shot to take.

A close-up of my window sill. I have some vases and things standing in my window sill because I read somewhere that women are supposed to collect knick-knacks and put them in random spots to “make the space more personal”. So I’ve been experimenting with that. It seems to reassure visitors and I like the colours but it is a bit of a mess. The hands belong to a very pretty wooden statue from the 40s or 50s that I inherited from my grandmother. The number of times I’ve knocked that statue down and broken its neck… Clumsy, me?

I think the books and the window sill are my favourites because. Well. Rainbows. I really am helpless when it comes to rainbows. That’s why the gay pride flag is so awesome. And why autistic pride day is so awesome.

13 thoughts on “Playing with pictures

  1. I love the details in each of the images. My favorite is the one of your windowsill. Wow!

  2. All of the pictures are good, but I love the windowsill one the best! And it’s so thoughtful of you to want your guests to feel comfortable when they visit; I had to chuckle when you talked about your putting out knickknacks. Other than pictures of my son, I have only one extra item on my work desk, and it took me a year or so to get used to it being there!

    • Yes! I don’t know whether it’s me having to learn that things don’t need to be functional, or that it’s ok to surround yourself with random pretty things. It’s confusing. But I like having people come over and feel at home and the little stuff seems to work. It still takes a lot of conscious thought on my part to buy things like that, though. I usually go “questing” instead of shopping, like I need to come home with at least 3 vases in 3 different designs or I won’t be able to get to the next level! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! No training except a short membership of the photography geek club at school when I was about 13 and a father who works in cinematography and is a very passionate amateur photographer. So chip off the old block in that respect. But it’s mostly just being very aware of light and colour and patterns and shapes. Which I think is one of my super powers. 😀

  3. The window sill photo is my favourite, followed by the books. I like the broken glass photo too, but since the colour theme of the blog is very calm, it is nice with bright colours in the header to light it up.

    • Yes, good point about the bright colours. I did get a bit bored of the greyness of the glass, I might tweak it a bit in GIMP, see if I can give it some gaudiness. (Of course, added annoyance was that I couldn’t simply take the header image out of rotation. I had to delete it permanently so now it doesn’t show in this post either).

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