25 thoughts on “It should be easy

    • Good idea. Would require more planning than I’m currently capable of, I think. I clean in short bursts these days, so changing my clothes for that would add another hurdle where I’m trying to make cleaning as barrier-free as possible. Sigh. At least I can afford to buy new shirts every now and then. (And this is such a comfy fabric too! Oh well, it’s still good for sleeping in).

      • Ah. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and also prone to black and white thinking on the cleaning front, so I’m kind of all-or-nothing in my cleaning. Either I do it all at once and get it perfect, or it’s horrible messy half-assed all wrong and why did I bother if I’m not going to do it right?!

        (I reeeeaaallly need to work on the black and white thinking on the cleaning front).

        • Yep, this is exactly why I was having so much trouble keeping my house clean. My new methods work a tad better but most of all they stop me from beating myself up over not keeping things clean which is a HUGE plus. I beat myself up over enough things already.

        • When I have a bit more energy to invest in changing stuff, I’ll try your strategy. Right now, I’m super stressed due to family stuff and starting PhD soon, so I really don’t have energy to invest in self-improvement.

        • You’re absolutely right, you need to be in a good brain space to try and modify behavioral techniques that have kept you reasonably safe and functional up until then.

        • but, hey, if your stuff works, I might have a chance at something that will actually work for me. I’ve had too many people try to treat my cleaning thing as a procrastination thing when it’s really more of a perfectionism + executive function fail thing.

  1. That is why I clean things with vinegar and baking soda (and also probably because my parent are sort of hippies)… because there is absolutely no way I could ever trust myself with bleach. (And vinegar and baking soda works on everything! although bleach might too… I really don’t know, since we don’t use bleach at home.)

    • Vinegar, even just the smell of it, makes me retch. It’s my only lasting food intolerance from my childhood together with hard boiled eggs and milk. I kind of like the smell of bleach. Don’t ask me why. And I find it cleans things very quickly so that’s why I sort of use it as a “clean everything that might have bacteria living on it” tool. It also keeps my sink sparkly (which is quite a feat because I drink SO MUCH TEA that my sink very quickly turns brown). Maybe I should just wear all-white clothing.

    • I would, but vinegar is a rather potent airborne irritant, whereas bleach isn’t as volatile. Since I have asthma, bleach is better for my health when I want to sterilize. Otherwise, I’d use it because environmental friendliness is a good thing.

      • Oh dear! That is very unfortunate! I don’t know what I would do without vinegar to clean, because if I even try and use bleach I destroy everything in my path (aka I am incapable of cleaning anything neatly. Showers are the worst, for me). So I’m lucky, I guess in that sense, that I have the option to use vinegar instead.

  2. I had that same problem when I was on the internship feeding the calves. They get 2 bottles of milk a day, and we would soak all the rubber nipples in a bucket of bleach. I managed to splash it on my favorite lavender pants, which was a bummer. Still trying to fix them with my tie-dye knowledge.

    • My new shirt, two pairs of suede high heels (you’d think I’d be clever enough to at least take off my shoes before scrubbing the toilet), FOUR pairs of trousers, and one wrap-around skirt. And that’s just the things I haven’t had the heart to throw out yet. :p

      • When something is beyond repair, I recycle it. Cutting tees up into small pieces and making shag rugs is fun.

        • I wonder if there are any people who make a business recycling clothes. They probably get a lot of piles coming in. My area in SoCal now accepts cotton in the recycle bins, but I’m sure it is expensive to recycle.

  3. I have “cleaning clothes” dedicated to such tasks, granted they aren’t very attractive but it saves all of my outfits having that “just bleached” look 🙂

    • Yeah! I need to find some way to fit specific “cleaning clothes” into my new cleaning schedule. Although the priority for me is on actually having a workable cleaning schedule. So if my clothes have to suffer for that, then so be it.

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