Rijsttafel revisited

Last week I wrote something about rijsttafel and why it’s a perfect meal for picky eaters. I couldn’t find any good pictures in my stock photo subscription so I decided to team up with my friend Robin because he’s a really great photographer with a passion for food photography. 🙂

We had some great fun presenting all the different dishes (and of course eating all the food afterwards)!

8 thoughts on “Rijsttafel revisited

    • Thanks! I still think some of the dishes look… well, let’s just say predigested. Even though they taste awesome! But I’m glad you think it looks lovely! 😀

      • Well, maybe I should say delicious-looking. Because they all look like things I want to eat (also you have very impressively nice plates.)

        • That was a cooperative effort as well! The little blue bowls with the hand painted flowers are mine, the rest are Robin’s. He is a guy with some seriously good taste. 😀

  1. The chips at the center of the first pic look exactly like the ones my grandma would make for me. It’s comfort food for me but very hard to find in the US!!!

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