A few years ago, when pizza delivery places here started preslicing pizzas more often, I was really annoyed because I wanted to determine the size of my own slices.

When my pizza arrived just now, it took me about 30 seconds of pulling on the edges to realise it wasn’t presliced. And then another 15 seconds or so to think of a solution (knife!). And then I felt so annoyed with the pizza delivery place for not preslicing my pizza.

Until I remembered that this was how I used to like it.

I’m pretty bad at handling small changes like that. I hadn’t even realised until now. It’s not that I get an emotional meltdown or get stuck and have no way out, but the annoyance is definitely there and it does take me somewhat longer to adapt.

And all because of pizza.

10 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Oh yes! That clash of mental gears when something differs from one’s expectations and unconscious routine is pre-empted by conscious exception handling (which just as in software can be expensive).

        • Yes 🙂 It’s exactly like that (programmer here too).

          My experience: I am seen as a person who deals reasonably well with change (at least when I have been evaluated on that in work environment this is the feedback I receive), but I actually feel very thrown off my rails with unexpected change, for instance, when I planned to work on something today and this becomes impossible. I manage this consciously (meaning I have to expend energy on that) when it is something that has to be done, so everything works out ok. On the other hand, I have recently realized with several episodes that I am resistant to change (meaning: I need time to adjust before I do the change) when it comes to routines that would be better for me if done in a different way. I don’t always go immediately from “Oh, the B way of doing things would be better than the A way that I use now” to using the B way. It may take days or weeks and I don’t yet fully understand why.

  2. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. There have been countless occasions where plans have changed for some reason and my initial reaction was “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE” then “Um… well… it’s not like I have a choice anyway…” then “Wait a sec, this is actually a good thing!” Just the usual resistance to change, I guess! 🙂

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