Just for the lol of it

It’s not only autistic people who have trouble reading body language cues or make really awkward social mistakes.

Making new friends on the underground

John Mayer and Kanye West failing the high five hug

Ryan Seacrest trying to high five a blind man

I don’t want Taylor Swift to hug me either

No comment needed

Lowfive fingerwiggle shakebump?


Knee pads are a sensory nightmare

This is why I never high five anyone

Too many choices, so she goes back to clapping. Good girl.

Get out of my face!

Source: Buzzfeed

16 thoughts on “Just for the lol of it

  1. I’ll be saving this to look at again when I need a pick-me-up — entertaining in a “glad that wasn’t me on camera” kind of way. Because I think I’ve done the whole set at one time or another!

  2. Hahaha. I need a better way to express in a comment that I am actually laughing out loud without using “lol” which is essentially meaningless…and without just kinda awkwardly stating it in some kind of meta joke. Oof.

    Anyway, thanks! These are awesome!

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