Detail oriented

While cleaning up a pile of paperwork (yay executive function! yay me!) I came across a time sheet from my previous job.

The close-up reads as follows (because I know you’ll want to know):

11:59 planning
12:00 smoke break/lunch
12:31 put phone call through
12:34 create new email address
12:37 put phone call through
12:38 figure out problem with content management system of client
12:42 create CWP [planning app] for client
12:47 add new image to website for client
13:00 figure out problem with CAV [car app] for client
13:13 put phone call through
13:18 put appointments in calendar
13:23 smoke break
13:29 discuss CAV [car app] with coworker
13:38 put phone call through
13:40 create Google Analytics for client
14:01 help coworker
14:04 help coworker

The reason the entries are struck through is because at the end of the day I added up the time spent on particular tasks, in order to enter them into the administrative system. Because that was counted in 15 minute increments. And as you can see from the detailed view, I logged everything minute by minute.

What do you mean, detail oriented? My employer wanted to know how much time I spent on separate tasks and on different clients. So I showed them. Every employer would love to have someone like me.

15 thoughts on “Detail oriented

  1. OH, My Goodness. Um, so, can you share some of that with my flighty NT mind? And I’ll give you some of my social-connecty-brain-thing. I wish I were HALF that orgainzed (or 1/4, … or maybe 1/8).
    ; )

  2. I love that the sheets are all aligned on the desk in the photo, and the entries on the sheets are so neat they almost look printed. I can really identify with that. 😀 Although your handwriting is very legible, unlike mine…

      • I… Erm… I actually feel a bit guilty about my handwriting. Because I know so many of us have problems with that. But I don’t. Maybe I’ve overcompensated, because even neurotypical people comment on the neatness of my handwriting. And I used to take art classes. So maybe that was a factor. I copy things I see. To the dot.

        I still hold my pen the wrong way and get cramps when I write for too long a time, though.

    • I liked him too! He was very professional and efficient. Although knowing the respective characters, he probably cleared off because the next guy was coming up to my desk. 😛

    • It’s nice to see that structure isn’t it? Once I got in the habit of making these notes every time I had to switch to a different activity, it became surprisingly easy to do. Even though my coworkers made remarks about it, like “I need to ask you a quick question… oh, you’re writing that down first?” Yes, because questions are never quick. 😛

      • Well, when I first moved to Nottingham, I didn’t know my way round – and I didn’t like public transportation – so I used to grab the maps off line. Now I know I walk at 4mph – have done for 20 years. So to get place to place, I used to work out distances between rights and left turns and made a playlist. When the song was due to finish – I looked for the turn. Took all kinds of stress out of the equation. Bween doing stuff like that for years…

        Also, it’s nice to know you’re 27 minutes from a taxi when you’re on a train home too!

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