Some things cannot be unseen



There’s this engineering company in the Netherlands.

And one of my coworkers once remarked that their logo.

If you look at it upside down.

Looks a bit like a pooping dog.


So I cycled past one of their construction sites today and there was this sign.

And I said “POOPING DOG!” Quite loudly. And it made me giggle.

And then I had to really focus to not keep on saying “poopingdogpoopingdogpoopingdog” all the way home.


I know.

Being weird is fun. 😛

14 thoughts on “Some things cannot be unseen

  1. I laughed when someone has ‘littlejohn’ as their surname, and when words like ‘bottom’ and ‘willy’ are said out of context, heck, I bought ‘Vagina Monologues’ because I laughed at the title!

  2. I was just walking down the street eating a croissant and thinking about how I couldn’t stop thinking about every croissant-croissant-croissant I ever ate and…does everybody think that way…and…no. So I was happy to see this post. Though I will now be thinking “Littlejohn poopingdog” all afternoon. Thanks! (I think!)

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